Modern Languages and Professional Communication Dept. and Samara Academic Consultancy Center are now half way through a professional development course by E. Narozhnaya, PhD, “Writing Academic Proposals for Professional Purposes”. 15 participants have been striving for their professional excellence in two types of academic proposals, grant proposals for foundation funding and proposals for professional conferences since 19th October. Unfortunately, tough schedule and loads of work make it difficult to be always present. But SACC decided to make the process flexible and handy!
     Nowadays, this professional development course is available via Moodle platform. The main advantage is that it can be repeated! Our course is designed the way that one can always have feedback from the tutor. Scheduled webinars will also help the participants clear out all crucial and difficult points.
     So, if you want to learn how to write proposals, learn the tricks of how to put one together and have the ticket in hand to a steady ride of various academic opportunities, you are welcome to join us! Please, send us an e-mail ( or contact us via asking for this course, and we will tell you all the details concerning signing-up.