19th and 20th October were very fruitful days for the students of Samara University. Ekaterina Narozhnaya PhD, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Professional Communication Department ran a workshop Writing Academic Proposals for Professional Purposes”.

The main idea was that the information should be user-friendly. The European point of view nowadays is that every research paper is a product, and to reach the top you should know how to sell it. The speaker showed the audience how to do it properly. 

Moreover, researchers come across a problem that it's rather difficult to find out the logic of the whole work. To overcome this challenge the audience tried to search study goals, data sources and methods, key results of finding and significance of published materials they've brought. 

All in all, mastering the conference proposal is one of the most important skills of a graduate student. The students learnt the tricks of how to put one together and have the ticket in hand to a steady ride of conference opportunities.


Alexandra Zagaynova

2nd year student