Upcoming Seminars, Workshops and Courses 2016 

SACC organizes workshops for Postgraduates, Bachelors and Masters:

1. “CV” – October 17-22nd
2. “Personal Letter” – October 14-19th
3. “Thesis statement” – October 17th / October 24th
4. “Article Structure” – November 21st
5. “Plagiarism” – December 16th
6. “Abstract” – February 17th

Workshops and seminars for teachers and postgraduates:

1. Narozhnaya E. “Writing Academic Proposals for Professional Purposes” (During the workshops two types of academic proposals, grant proposals for foundation funding and proposals for professional conferences, will be considered.) – October 19-20th.
2. Popova N. “Competent Research Writing” (The author will cover such issues as structure of an article and features of different parts of an article. New information about graphical abstract will be presented. The speaker will touch upon genres of writings.) – November 21-23rd (sign up form – goo.gl/FctwDP).
3. Westbrook C. “Academic Communication” (These workshops will help to improve critical reading skills, enabling to process the information. By the end of the workshops, you will be able to describe your research and understand the process of submitting an article for a publication in international journals.) – Late November.

We are very glad to invite you to our new professional development courses! 

1. Westbrook C. “Professional / Academic Profile of a Scientist in English” – 72 hours professional development course starting on November 5th. This course is relevant and helpful within the area of creating academic profile, describing personal information, professional interests and achievements of a scientist. Course outcome is a CV and/or Cover Letter.
2. Narozhnaya E. "Development of Public Speaking Skills in Academic Context” – 72 hours professional development course starting on October 3rd. The course is aimed at developing public speaking skills for academic and scientific purposes.

Don’t forget to sign up for seminars/ workshops or courses that you’ve chosen: goo.gl/fnUq9T