Dear collegues!
     Samara Academic Consultancy Center invites Students and Masters to Workshop Writing Academic Proposals for Professional Purposes.
     Mastering the conference proposal is one of the most important skills of a graduate student. Learn the tricks of how to put one together now and you will have the ticket in hand to a steady ride of conference opportunities.
     This workshop will help you master some strategies for generating an appropriate and effective conference proposal. You will learn how to convert your existing academic paper into a conference manuscript. 
    Students are required to bring an analytic or research paper (ideally their own or somebody else’s) that they would like to turn into a future conference proposal.
    Time and Date:
Time: 15.00-16.30
The 19th October - Room 509, Law Building, Ac.Pavlov Str, 1g.
The 20th October - Room 504, Law Building, Ac.Pavlov Str, 1g.
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