Samara Academic Consultancy Center crowned this September with Academic Writing Day that was held on September 29th in the main building of Samara University. More than 40 participants took part in it.
     The event consists of 2 presentations: the first one “Samara Academic Consultancy Center: Pooling a Year Experience” shown Center’s results of the previous year and future perspectives. Check out our upcoming workshops, seminars and professional development courses
     The second presentation called “Academic Writing Tips from Overseas Graduate School” was given by Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Professional Communication Department, E. Narozhnaya, PhD, Samara University. The workshop explored new elements of the academic writing style in the scientific discourse such as the use of voice, the first person, and sentence structure. The presenter provided suggestions on how to make your writing more effective and accessible to the public. The audience was attracted deeply in the work trying to solve the riddles prepared by our tutor.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in our Academic Writing Day! We are looking forward to meeting you at our Center!