The main aim of  needs analysis was to find out the needs in the process of academic writing. 39 respondents took part in it. 
Question №1 “Which services do you use while preparing your scientific paper in English?” shows that the majority do it by themselves (63%), 18% respondents improve their papers with the help of translators, but half of them are not satisfied with the results.
The second question “Do you want to have consultations at SACC for free?” was answered almost unanimously. 92% respondents want to have such opportunity. The question “Which services of SACC are the most important for you?” the respondents answered that the individual consultations are the most crucial for them.
According to the poll, the most desirable seminar among the SSAU staff is “Language and structure of a scientific paper”, but the other variants are also of high priority. Speaking about oral academic communication, there several topics that are vital for the respondents. “Structure and language of public speaking”, “Requirements for presentation” and “English lecture procedures” turned out to be the most interesting.
Moreover, for SACC it’s important to know which data bases are most used among respondents. The majority uses the Internet, then come Elsivier and Springer.
The last question was about website traffic and it was a pleasure to know that the most of respondents (43%) watch for updates regularly.
Samara Academic Consultancy Center appreciate respondents' participation in this poll! We try to become better and more useful for You!