NATE 2016

This April was marked with an important professional event - XXII NATE-Russia International Conference “The Evolving Roles of the Modern Language Teacher” (Smolensk, 21- 23 April, 2016). 
It was an utter delight to all the participants from different cities. These three days were very fruitful for English teachers from Samara, and SACC team, in particular.
While the pre-conference event (you can read about it here ) was focused on training the staff of newly-established writing centers, the conference sessions were devoted to various aspects of academic writing. 
For example, Svetlana Suchkova, Head of SACC, gave a workshop “Academic Writing: Start with Basics,” which was extremely interesting not only for dozens of teachers, but also for American fellows. 
The participants were greatly impressed with the presenter’s manner and materials. 
What a surprise it was to see the President of NATE, Svetlana G. Ter-Minasova, among the participants! She gave a passionate speech after the workshop, praising the topic and the speaker. 

Another workshop “Samara Writing Center Reflections” was run SACC team: Eve Smith, Victoria Levchenko, and Svetlana Suchkova.

Victoria Levchenko, Head of Modern Languages and Professional Comunication Department, gave a poster presentation on the topic “Investigating students’ perception on rubric-oriented assessment in the micro context of Russian University”. The study focuses on students’ attitude to university exams in English. She explores the role of using rubrics for effective learning. The poster aroused great interest; lots of participants asked questions and made comments on the results of the study.

SACC tutors, Elena Agrikova and Marina Voronina, also made presentations during the SIG sessions. In their opinions, this experience was profesionally beneficial.
Although the weather in Smolensk was windy and snowy, the atmosphere at the three-day conference was sunny and positive. SACC team is always happy to participate in such events and share knowledge and experience with you!