19th March, 2016 was marked with the third day of the international conference «Innovations to ELT» which was held in gymnasium №11 by Modern Languages and Professional Communication department SSAU. The program of it included both university teachers' reports and open extracurricular classes.
During this day English speech was heard in all classrooms. The speakers gave talks on literature, global problems and discussed pedagogical issues. The participants shared their experience and the students showed their skills. While the speakers in parallel sessions performed their methodological discoveries, gymnasium teachers and their students reduced theory to practice: open lessons included the elements of games, discussions and lively communication were conducted. The importance of such event was appreciated by vice-principal of gymnasium №11 Marina Petrova:
- This is the materialisation of pedagogical project. Before giving a lesson, both teachers and students prepare it pretty long time, discuss the topic. The reason is obvious: education is communication between teachers and children.
The main event of the conference was ahead – all participants waited for the workshops by Eve Smith (USA) and Carolyn Westbrook (Britain). They touched upon very important topic – academic writing. Professor Victoria Levchenko, organizer of the conference, Head of Modern Languages and Professional Communication department, said that these workshops were left till the end of the conference on purpose, so that we can keep the interest of the audience. The problems of writing scientific papers, academic mobility and international education are of extreme importance to Samara University. That is why, a new conference devoted to these questions may be held this summer once again.
The workshops were interactive, fun, the experts actively communicated with the audience.
Eve Smith – Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Professional Communication department SSAU, key advisor of Samara Academic 
Consultancy Center also gave a comment:
-I enjoyed the conference. I visited an open lesson and I enjoyed how interactive the lesson was, range of activities the teacher did with the students, they were fun. It seems like they would be very engaging, so I feel like a lot of good information is being shared. We shouldn’t make the distinctions between teachers from one country or another country, because in fact, we are all teachers and we are all working for the benefit of our students, so I think that everybody from every country can learn from good teachers.
Carolyn Westbrook, professor, Southampton University, EAP specialist, also shared her impressions of the conference:
- I saw several open lessons and I thought that they (teachers) were really interested, the hobby club really got the way for studying English. Students were clearly motivated to be enthusiastic about English through music and hobbies and so on. When you bear in mind the history being unable to access English so easily in past. I think the standard of English is incredibly high especially among young people I mean who is accessed to the Internet, YouTube, Facebook. But still the level of the teachers who perhaps were blocked with opportunities during the Soviet time is actually phenomenal.
The principal of the gymnasium Oleg Alexandrov summed up the conference:
- Nowadays the criteria of students’ assessment is changing, new requirement are created. For instance, now writing becomes one of the most important part. Communication with the professionals is very important for us, because we can make amendments in our academic programs. The participants of this conference deal with developing education strategy, and we get the latest information first-hand. Changes will be soon, in 2-3 years, and our teachers will be ready for them. Our contacts with SSAU staff will definitely go ahead.