On March, 16 a conference «Features of formation of grammatical skills in various stages of English language learning» was opened at Samara National Research University of S.P. Korolev. The organizer was Modern Languages and Professional Communication department, SSAU. It brought together dozens of foreign language teachers from various institutions in Samara. The main guest of the conference was Raymond Murphy, a famous author of «English Grammar in use», which is popular all over the world. 

During plenary session the prominent speakers took the floor: the supervisor of Moscow office Cambridge University Press Angela Tatosyan, English language specialist Eve Smith, Marina Kulinich and Elena Nikulina.

The conductor of the conference, the organizer, Head of the Dept. Levchenko Victoria thanked everyone for participation and noticed that such event is very important for Samara linguistic world and it is a pleasure to have such visitor as Raymond Murphy. He has been helping thousands of learners to master English grammar for more than 30 years now. He is constantly working on new editions, so his books would fit the changing borders of modern English.

Before sharing his rich experience with other professors, Mr. Murphy had a press conference with media outlets. Raymond answered the questions about Samara and the success of his books with great enthusiasm.
-In your opinion, how much time does a typical learner need to master English?
-It is personal, I can’t think of an exact time frame. A lot depends on motivation, talent and abilities to learn foreign languages…The brain of some people is just “crafted” for learning languages! Of course, if you are an outgoing person and you generally love to communicate, you will talk proper English a lot faster. It is so, because there’s no book, however great and useful it is, that can give you experience of communicating with the native speaker.
-What are the obstacles foreign learners face when they work on English grammar?
-Grammar is actually not the most important part of the language. Even if you make a grammatical mistake, you will be understood because you use the right words. It is more important how you speak, your pronunciation. You have to work harder on that than on grammar. In comparison with other European languages English grammar is not that hard to master.
We don’t have many endings like in Russian and German, for example.
-Could you work another 30 years on the same subject you are working right now?
-Another 30 years for me – that is very optimistic! Yes, of course, I would continue doing what I have been for such a long time but I don’t have any new projects in mind. I don’t make plans for the future. Once upon a time I was a teacher who published a book on English grammar. I didn’t expect such great success… It just happened!
After the press-conference there was a section called “Ask the Author” where all participants could ask Mr. Murphy a question. He spoke about his hobbies, interests and his sources of inspiration for such brilliant content of his exercises in the books.
In the end all comers could go to the autograph signing session, sign their “Grammars in Use” and took a photo with Raymond Murphy.
Huge thanks to the organizers for such a great opportunity to meet the bestselling world-famous author and once again make sure that grammar is fun!