How we help

The Writing Center is intended to assist you with the English language publication of articles in international journals and giving international presentations in English. Our trained tutors can review your work to focus on strengthening your argument and assist in explaining the nuances of writing for an English language publication. The tutor will talk to you about structure, ideas, and clarity of your paper or presentation. They will suggest strategies for revision and work with you on ways to concisely express your ideas in English.

 The tutor will NOT edit your work, but will be happy to point out problems with grammar and syntax while providing you information and resources on how you can avoid these problems in the future.

 Contact us here to schedule your first appointment! 

Before your appointment
You will receive a confirmation email from saccwasp(at)gmail(dot)com. Respond to this email to reconfirm the time and date, attach the document that you would like to discuss, and the guidelines for where it will be published.


In order to ensure that each member of  Samara State Aerospace University community has an equal opportunity to participate in, and receive good quality consultations,  SACC will follow the following policies:

  • Each tutee can only book one appointment per day.
  • Each tutee can only book two appointments per week.
  • Each tutee can have maximum three consultations on the same paper.
  • Each consultation lasts for 60 minutes.
Our consultations are free for all members of  Samara University.