Discussion club

     The first meeting of Discussion club took place on Thursday, 16th. Students of Samara University were honored to have a session with Paul Chownyk, Canadian, associate professor of Modern Languages and Professional Communication Department. The topic was science. Rather easy, isn't it?
     However, it was not. The first trap was that a term "science" in Russian and English has a bit different meaning. Paul gave some stickers with the best known Russian and European scientists and students had to guess who it was. It was difficult but interesting for everyone.
     Then there was a short film about science where the participants found 5 traits of a good scientist - hardworking, curious, stubborn, making mistakes, creative. After that, a real discussion started. There were 3 issues: what kind of scientist you're, the future of science and women in science. The discussion was extremely intensive.
     Students were excited at the end of discussion. Second-year student Victoria:
I've never been before on such events. Paul is really awesome! I have never had a talk with native speakers. Of course, l'll come to the next discussion club session. It was a good language practice before Student's scientific conference where l'm going to participate in the nearest future.

Alexandra Zagaynova 

Yulia Parfenova